Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some Cover Recreations

I like doing these pieces for inking practice...and I need lots of practice! I especially need to make myself do more hand-lettering. Redrawing old comic book covers is a lot of fun, and I'm usually more inclined to finish. When I screw up an original practice drawing, chances are good I'll never finish it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New E-Card

Another E-Card for Birthday Alarm; This time with color!

A Monster Birthday

I recently made a new E-Card for Birthday Alarm; I thought I would link to it here, given the Halloween theme. I hope you enjoy it!

Darkwing Duck: "Cat in a Hot Tin Suit" revisited

I posted the original, printed version of this story in an earlier post...for comparisons, you can read that story here.

This "Director's Cut" restores cut sight gags and missing panels...which especially helps scenes like the one on page 15, where Fluffy hits Darkwing with rockets, and DW responds, "That's a felony, mister!" Originally, Fluffy was to blow up a mailbox with those rockets, thus committing the felony. I also tried to add better clarity to some of the existing panels where it is very hard to see what is going on (the cats' invasion of the Grocerama, for example). And there were also some little details that have always bothered me, like having Al (a normal cat) run on his hind legs on page 23.

Cat in a Hot Tin Suit originally ran in Disney Adventures #3-12 (October 1993):

The Discard Pile

These two cartoons were samples I had planned to submit to MAD magazine, around the mid 1990s I think...the joke was, "What if older features tried to copy the success of Calvin & Hobbes?" It was more relevant at the time, of course. I don't know why I never finished was probably one of the times I had to switch jobs or apartments, so I probably packed them away and forgot them.

I pulled both drawings out late last year and decided to finish inking them. The color was done in Photoshop; I'm trying to use the color halftone filter to get that old newsprint look. It doesn't look quite right, but I like the effect much better than just flat color!

Darkwing Duck: "Cat in a Hot Tin Suit"

Here is the second story of my "Fluffy Trilogy" for Darkwing script remained pretty much intact this time around, as did most of the action. The sequence of Darkwing's first encounter with the "new, improved" Fluffy was cut up and the panels reordered, but for the most part not much changed. My biggest disappointments came from the change in the rhythm of the pages, and from sight gags that were dropped (although I wouldn't know if the artist or the editor made the cuts from the visuals). The editor decided to drop Fluffy's lisp in this story, and I think it was a good idea. It would have gotten tiresome if Fluffy spoke with a lisp through all three stories.

The "director's cut" will have to wait for a future post; since most of the changes I want to make involve the visuals, it might take a while to draw. For now, though, here is Darkwing Duck in Cat in a Hot Tin Suit from Disney Adventures #3-12 (October 1993):

Darkwing Duck, Volume 1

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