Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some Cover Recreations

I like doing these pieces for inking practice...and I need lots of practice! I especially need to make myself do more hand-lettering. Redrawing old comic book covers is a lot of fun, and I'm usually more inclined to finish. When I screw up an original practice drawing, chances are good I'll never finish it.


  1. Awesome!! They all came out great, but I especially love the Spiderman Rhino cover! --Mike

  2. "I need lots of practice!"
    You must be kidding! If doubt, you're on the right way, that's for sure. I couldn't agree more with your brother, the Spiderman Rhino cover is outstanding!

  3. Thanks, Gabriel!

    What you don't see here, is the amount of white-out on the I did some touch-up here and there in Photoshop as well. I need to practice so the total time to produce a printable image gets faster. Right now I'm tempted to use computer fonts, but they look too sterile for my taste.

  4. I'm with Mike. I'm diggin' that Spider Man cover with my all time favorite super villian, Aleksei Sytsevich - AKA The Rhino. I can't wait till he makes his way into a Hulk or Spiderman movie.

    All these covers are really wonderful, Doug. I'm loving that Popeye as well.

    Yeah, lettering - the part of the work that let me know I could never be very good. Yours looks fantastic

  5. Ugh, lettering is like wolfsbane to me. I love hand-lettering, but it is tough to get it to look right. For a title font I think I would resort to a computer program like Illustrator, since a poorly lettered logo on a book can make you look amateurish.

    I always loved the way Spider-man attracted dudes who dressed like animals: Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion, Jackal, Grizzly, etc...I don't know why the Kangaroo didn't wear a costume (maybe a guy in a kangaroo suit was the one they thought was too ridiculous?)

    Remember that episode of the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon where the Rhino was stealing gold just so he could make a life-size statue of himself? I loved that show!

  6. These are great! Nice variety of styles, too.
    More, please!

  7. Thanks for the comment, Michael, I appreciate it!

  8. Thanks for creating in Fluffy one of my all time favorite villians.


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