Thursday, July 31, 2014

(Relatively) New Stuff!

I've been a terrible Blogger, I admit it. I never pay enough attention, I'm easily distracted. Days become weeks, weeks become thing you know years have gone by and I've forgotten all about you, my poor little blog.

But not tonight. Tonight, we post!

A Christmas gift for a friend, totally ripping off Jim Flora's awesome album covers. Gouache on watercolor paper.

Attempting to create a Jack Davis style B&W wash. Ink on watercolor paper.


Not the best Betty Boop, I might try to redo this one someday.
(haha! Right) Gouache on watercolor paper.


 My contribution to the CAPS auction to benefit Stan and Sharon Sakai. Ink and gouache on watercolor paper.

There is a book collection out collecting lots of great artwork from all the auctions, see it here: The Sakai Project.

Affectionately titled, "You ruined Christmas!". Ink on bristol board, digital color.


Don't ask me, sometimes these things just come out of my pencil. Ink and watercolor on bristol.


The last four are a bunch of convention sketches. Marker on watercolor paper.


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