Friday, February 11, 2011

Darkwing Duck: "Cat in a Hot Tin Suit"

Here is the second story of my "Fluffy Trilogy" for Darkwing script remained pretty much intact this time around, as did most of the action. The sequence of Darkwing's first encounter with the "new, improved" Fluffy was cut up and the panels reordered, but for the most part not much changed. My biggest disappointments came from the change in the rhythm of the pages, and from sight gags that were dropped (although I wouldn't know if the artist or the editor made the cuts from the visuals). The editor decided to drop Fluffy's lisp in this story, and I think it was a good idea. It would have gotten tiresome if Fluffy spoke with a lisp through all three stories.

The "director's cut" will have to wait for a future post; since most of the changes I want to make involve the visuals, it might take a while to draw. For now, though, here is Darkwing Duck in Cat in a Hot Tin Suit from Disney Adventures #3-12 (October 1993):

Darkwing Duck, Volume 1

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